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Little girl in Mommy’s chair Wednesday February 1, 2006

Posted by gingerbreadman in Writing.

This place is slightly intimidating to me, a former Msn Spacer.  Everywhere I look:  Technos, Gamers, Lawyers and Bankers and Geeks, Oh My!

I’m just a humble, bumbling Mom, writing about life with kids…life as a crazy woman with a fried brain pan.  Laughing my way through my disabilities. Occasionally screaming and kicking the obstacles down.

Learning this new layout and the board…aye yi yi!  So different, new, strange.  Wrapping myself around this one…training myself to figure this out…I feel like a little kid playing at mommy’s makeup table.  Looking in the mirror at the grotesquely charming visage of my rosy cheeked self covered all over with that hot pink lipstick, drawn on with those exaggerated gestures.  You know the look?

That’s how I feel here right now.

Oh, I’ll get over it.  I was in such a comfort zone on Spaces.  Happily ensconced in my little Gingerbread world, with all my bells and whistles and friends.  Then the Msners went and got all rude.  I hate rude.  Lots.  It makes me all cranky and cantakerous and pack my bags and go elsewhere-ish.

So here I be.  On a new adventure.  We’ll see how it works out.  If I grow into the Captain’s Chair at this new computer spot.  This feels like a very grown up Blog Area.  It’s like moving from kindergarten to High School.  That’s a good thing…perhaps it will move my writing forward, something I’ve wanted, needed.

One carryover from Spaces I want to keep, is something that was started when the tornado hit our house on November 6, 2005.  (Remember, remember the 6th of November)  We spent that morning naming our blessings.  After that I tried to add the simple word to the end of my post entries, to remind myself…and any readers I had.  We all have them…