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Do not Fear Monday October 31, 2005

Posted by gingerbreadman in Poems.
Life moves
Absorbs sunlight
Dances in fallen leaves
Sings with the wind
Breathes in laughter
Exhales joy
Shouts its presence
Whispers its beliefs
Embraces all
Turns from none
I got surprised into writing this in the comments section of Fabio’s space  http://spaces.msn.com/members/Malkavian7777/
He’d written a poem Total Destruction that was quite a bit unlike his usual blogs.  You should visit it.  I love his space, he’s a very uplifting man; loving, warm.  I wish he’d move here and marry my daughters!  Any of them, I’m not picky.  Becca’s probably too mean for him though.  Perhaps Katie if he’s willing to wait another 8 years.  She’ll need an older man.  LOL  If he reads this he will blush for hours.  See his space.

Poem ? LOL Fall Life Sunday October 30, 2005

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On the farm we were up at dawn
Out by eight running the fields
Standing in wildflowers taller than me
Swimming with the cows in the trout ponds
Haunting the old barns with the owls
Dirtbiking trails acres from home
Lunch was apples picked on the fly
We drank from the streams on the way
Hide and seek in the big barn with neighbors
Up and down the old relic, in and out of the loft
Tiger broke his arm there, Rick kissed me once
Lonnie always was the first one caught, Bill last
We climbed every tree on the properties
Visited Miss Allie and Mr Charlie every day
Played baseball out in the backfield religiously
I always jumped out of the old hayloft first

Poem-Each Her Own Friday October 28, 2005

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Each Her Own
                           Blue-eyed temptress with silly grin
                           Curled up on the couch with John Irving
                           College and parties, bong pipes and pizza
                           Philosophy, psychology, Beatles and Weezer
                           Staunch feminist, Rabidly open-minded
                           Pretentious, naive, goofy and so serious
                           Addicted to Family Guy, Desperate Housewives
                           Cries over every Extreme Home Makeover
                           The girl is glorious.
                            Dark, long hair hiding mysterious green eyes
                            Fingers flying over the keyboard at the computer
                            Photographs, writer’s pens,  cds and books
                            Wicca rites and rituals, cameras everywhere
                            College classes then with her friends
                            Passionate discussions every moment
                            Stubborn, laughing, compassionate,
                            Open-minded, loving, kind, mean as hell
                            This is the best person I will ever know
                            Short, brown hair, one brown, one green eye
                            Mischevious smile, born to flirt with all
                            Make-up, earrings, rollerblades, videos,
                            Wild hair flying, exaggerated gestures
                             Talking mile a minute about anything
                             Writing her stories down with care
                             Serious, solemn, hysterical laughter
                             Passionate, strong, silly, absent-minded
                            Emily was aptly named after a hurricane
                            Honey blonde hair, angel blue eyes
                           Sweet faced innocence, girl next door
                           Is all things goodness and light and air
                           Yet is solid, strength and perserverence
                           Reading everything she can place in her hands
                           Fascinated by learning and knowledge
                           Compassionate, sweet, fiery, funny, kind
                           Angry, petulant, belly laughing behind her hand
                            Katharine will change the world for good
                            Wild blonde hair, sparkling green eyes
                            Wood nymph flitting through the forest
                            Tomboy tree hugger in Barbie pink clothes
                            Forest animals following behind her docily
                            Freckled face, impish grin hiding the sweetness
                            Hiding the wildness and flashfire temper
                            Screaming and laughing, slapping and hugging
                            Impassioned peace wrapped in love and comfort
                           Libby embodies all things alive and loving
                          Tiny in stature, curly brown hair
                          Green eyed baby with the smile that shines
                          She speaks so early, refusing to quiet
                          Expecting all to bow to her absolute sovereignty
                          Strong in will, strong in limb, strong in voice
                          Everything about this child is empowerment
                          Being with her teaches you to dream and believe
                          In the beauty and grace and truth of the world
                          Laura will be the first Woman Empress of the World
                          or the AntiChrist’s Bride   LOL

Again with the Poems Thursday October 27, 2005

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Moonlight calls me out of doors
Whispering the hour of worship
Time to praise, entreat, call out
Bow my head before the Almighty Powers
Doubt steals in covering the joy
Whispering the doom of despair
How to believe in the blessing of Gods
Bow my head before lack of faith
When your life is almost taken from you
Perceptions of the gift forever are changed
Every moment is weighed as a blessing or curse
Is life now a reward or a punishment?
Lamplight calls me back to home
Laughter of my innocent children
I stand in the dark, looking in at them
Stepping into their light and blessings

More damn poems Wednesday October 26, 2005

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I hate writing these damn things.  But I miss them terribly.  I just want to keep doing it until I remember how to do it well.  I used to be so good at this.  Now I suck at it.  Grrrr.  I hate sucking at something I should be good at.  Like that sentence, I know I shouldn’t have ended it with the word ‘at’, but I am not going to go back and fix it.  I am tired of being perfect when the kids aren’t home.  LOL   Okay, no more stalling, Lynn.  Write a dang poem already and go clean something.
                                        Night Peace
In the back, the trees stand tall
The sky is black, the moon is full
Stars are bright, flashing and dull
Moonlight comes and goes by the clouds whimsy
Only at night am I at peace now
The darkness calms my soul
Eases my pain, soothes my aches
I can see, I can feel, I can laugh
When the hour is late and the grass is cool
I dance in my bare feet under the moon
I close my eyes, lean my head back in worship
Thank the Gods for the pleasure of the Night