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There’s a BAT in my ROOM, Mom!!!! Friday February 3, 2006

Posted by gingerbreadman in parenting.
*This is one from last November…November 5, at 11 pm…just 5 hours before the tornado came that hit our house and destroyed most of our street, the school across from our house and our town square.  I’m trying to bring some of those pieces over from my old blog as well as add a new piece of writing each day.  Today was a bit crazy as I had too much baby drama and housework to do though*
Well we just had some Excitement!  I’m sitting here, trying to work on these stupid pictures and get them zoomed in enough to show the planet with the moon.  It just ain’t happening.  It was a little bitty digital camera, and the moon was millions of miles away.  At least I got to see it.  I think of all the people who never went outside tonight, and missed it entirely.  All the people who live in cities and miss the moon, or who live under overcast skies tonight.  I was blessed with crescent moon and planet and I need to be shuttin’ up the whining about not getting it on film.
So I’m contented.  Quiet.  Not bothering anyone.  When suddenly a cacophony tumbles down my staircase and crashes into my personal space, spilling into my aura and splashing all over me.
Hysterical screeching VERY high pitched girl babble/screams:
“MOMMA!! MOMMA!!!  There’s a BAT IN OUR ROOM!  It landed on my face!  It has to be a bat!   It is too big to be a moth, it might be a bird but I think it’s a bat!  It’s in my room!  I told her to keep her window closed!  MOMMA! Kill it!  NO! Don’t kill it!  Catch it!  MOMMA MOMMA KILL IT!  There’s a BAT IN MY ROOM!”
There were three of them, after all.  It was a little jumbled.  Mostly it was very loud and screechy.
After sorting out and toning down the hysteria a few decibels, I realized there really was something up there.  I put the girls on the lower level, took a broom and the cats upstairs with me to investigate.  Why is Mike always at work when this stuff happens???
Up the stairs I go; the rational part of my brain knowing it’s probably a big moth and I’m going to want to kick someone’s butt in 5 minutes, assuring myself there are no big nasty vampire bats in our part of the state.  However, coincidentally, Starz is showing at the very moment of this insanity Blade: Trinity, and I don’t really believe in coincidences.  I’ve never fought a bat before-is a broom enough?  Where’s he going to be hiding?  I hope he doesn’t get into my hair and nick my scar because that will be a bitch to explain at the ER.  Finally I make it up the stairs.  I put a cat in Katie’s room and shut the door.  I take the other cat and enter Libby’s room, flipping on the light switch and shut the door quickly.  *Shudder*  I scope the room quickly, watching myself from above, giving myself the big L sign for Loser because I’m looking at the ceilings like the bat is gonna be hanging there  LOL.  I am such a dork!    I don’t see anything, and the cat isn’t getting excited, so I cross over to Katie’s room.  Nothing there either.  Shut her door again.  Meet Libby in the hallway.  It was spotted in Libby’s room, so Libby, both cats and I head back in there and shut the door. 
Now these are Libby’s cats.  She adores cats…all animals.  She’s Dr. Doolittle.  She wants to be a vet when she grows up.  She’s also a tree hugger.  A vegan.  A member of every organization that has anything to do with anything that keeps anyone from being mean to anything that is a living thing.  The kid breathes kindness, unless it is directed towards her sisters.  She’s more lenient about torture and abuse on that subject.
I am the digress Queen.
So Libby is explaining where the bat was, when suddenly a blurry flutter happens.  Fluck me Freddy, and do it sideways!!  IT IS A FLIPPIN BAT!!!
Kylie the cat gets the bat.  Takes it under Libby’s bed.  Libby gets hysterical.  She doesn’t know what to do with herself.  She wants the bat freed NOW.  She hates Kylie.  But Kylie is her beloved.  She is Freaked to her absolute maximum.  She may need a sleeping pill tonight.
Ew boy.  So I have to slam the door on the massacre going on with the cat and the bat long enough to get Libby chilled.  Then get the bat away from the cat.  Cat now hates me.  Get the bat outside.  Bat is still alive.
Get Libby lots of chamomille tea.
Get mom a pill.
Call Mike and gloat about how he missed the cool Bat adventure.
Couldn’t find the darn bat to take a pic.  Grrr. So it’s fine.
Patched up the spot we found where the bat got in.