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The End in the Beginning or the other way ’round Tuesday September 22, 2009

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Well, we got the twins 16th birthday celebrations done, finally.  It was kind of our normal bizarre:  twisted note from the Nana who has abdicated saying she treasures her memories of them.  No mention of the word love, no gift.  Just pissed the girls off (really I think they were deeply hurt since they noted aloud there was no L-Word).  So, they asked for and were granted permission to have a little bar-b-q outside with that mess.  They DID get to spend tons of time with their boyfriends, and then they had the traditional, time-honored girls-only sleepover.  Jess is taking them this weekend for a sleepover at her place in BG so she can take them to the big mall and spend some time and money on them.  Driving permits are just a few weeks away. 

They were both accepted into this really great program for high school students, Upward Bound . They offer tutoring if needed, help the students find grants, take the kids on college tours, prep them for ACT and SAT’s, and take them on amazing trips each summer.  Last year the group went to L.A.!  It’s all FREE, so Momma says "Yes, Lawd!" And on top of that, the kids get a stipend each month if they fulfill their requirements so it’s like they’re paying the girls to get tutored and go on trips.  I’m so so grateful.  This is exactly what Katie needs to find the perfect place for her, and just the impetus to get Emmy really motivated and moving…sometimes I worry this relationship with Jeremy has her sidetracked into thinking she’s not really going to finish college.  Silly girl doesn’t believe the threat that I’ll enroll just to drag her ass to class all 4 years.  Like she hasn’t lived with me all this time now?

Libby’s hit 8th grade with a vengeance:  she’s got the look down, has her posse at her back and is ready to make sure she’s got all the best grades going into high school next year.  She even snagged herself a boyfriend who likes kittens as much as she does, which worries me only a wee bit.  She’s full-blown into the Archery club, already shopping for her own bow and bouncing off the wall because Nationals are in California this year.  Last year they placed really well in State and were invited to Nat’ls but we declined because of the cost.  Hopefully this year, with the High School taking the sport up too, we’ll have the funding to send them all on.  It’s great to see her really pumped about something after she lost her love for softball.  It’s sad when adults playing power games screw up a game for the kids so much they don’t even want to play it anymore. 

Laura’s hearing tests came back great, she did much, much better on her last test so we’re so relieved.  She’s still grousing about having to wear earplugs in the tub, but she’ll get used to it, and I know she’ll eventually figure out it’s nice NOT having infections every 3 weeks or so.  She’s doing great in school.  Her conduct reports were all "Exceeds Expectations", so we were a little confused at first of course, La being La, but then I went to lunch with her a few times and now I understand.  She is ensconsed in a class full of first class screeching demons.  They make even my flying monkey look good. 

What’ve I been doing with my free time?  It’s sad, really.  Nothing.  Vegging.  Nothing productive.  Nothing educational.  I’ve managed to become addicted to the television show Bones and I watch a little more CSI: Miami than I used to do.  I spent some time worrying how badly they were going to screw up House this season since they seem determined to tank what used to be the best show on television, but I feel a little better after last night’s premier episode.  I’ve been writing A LITTLE, but only when Mike is out of the house and I’ll know he’s going to be gone for a while, I hate to finally get settled into the groove and hear the door slam and have to jump out of my world.  So that’s going slowly.  Sometimes I think the world is trying to tell me I’m not supposed to write this book after all.  And sometimes I think I’m just lazy.




1. Donene - Tuesday September 22, 2009

That is so great that they are getting these types of opp\’s. See, La is "really" an angel. HA HA Have a good one, D

2. Jacque - Tuesday September 22, 2009

Love this update on everyone. I\’m personally excited to hear of your writing. You definitely have a gift and I would love to read whatever you have to offer!I know you\’re not lazy, sometimes the universe just has to be lined up in a certain way to get the ball rolling.That\’s my story and I\’m sticking to it. :)Hugs

3. Vonnie - Wednesday September 30, 2009

Good to see you posting. Your girls are still keeping you hopping! Hope life is going well and you are well.

4. Rose - Friday October 2, 2009

I had to stop and absorb that part about the twins being 16. Holy cow. I\’ll bet it was a fun BBQ and sleepover. I assume there was the usual dancing involved in the sleepover? Games? Cookies? You have to be so proud that they\’ve been accepted into a prestigious government program that provides so much support for them to achieve their goals and participate in great academic activities. So awesome! Laughing at Libby\’s cat-loving boyfriend; leave it to you to include details like that that make me smile and that color the picture so perfectly. 😀 I hope she does great in Archery. Cool sport!Glad Laura\’s thriving in school so beautifully. Poor teacher with all those other demons in class! Being unemployed for six months now, I was getting sucked into TV watching and facebooking after I\’d done my job searching/applying/following up for the day. Finally had to hit myself up the side of the head and tell myself to KNOCK IT OFF. So I\’m back to working on house projects again and I\’m also trying to learn how to make flour tortillas like my mom used to. So far, I\’ve made frisbees and crackers; gonna try again today. Love you!

5. Randa Roo - Wednesday October 14, 2009

Nothing productive?? Man, you should see my "nothing productive" Since Jesse\’s mom has moved in, I have been feeling a little well less then productive. Are you still watching House? I am. I really don\’t like uhm… crap, I forgot. I\’m just not sure I like that they went back to the original crew…

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