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Laura’s all better =) Friday September 11, 2009

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Amazing what a couple of tiny tubes will do for a child’s hearing, isn’t it?  Her surgery Tuesday went wonderfully-she was jumping on the bed like a trampolinist 5 hours later and making me wish I’d just sent her on to school!  She still had a lot of infection in her left ear even when they went in for the placement, so much so they couldn’t get it all out, so she’s on antibiotic ear drops for a week-and so far that’s been her biggest complaint:  being still long enough for the drops! 

I finally after a few weeks of sitting for Serenity decided I was going to drop that after all.  Her mom was trying to take advantage of me big time in quite a few ways, and I came to realize how over being tied down to the house with a baby I really was.  Wow, what a freeing realization that was!  With most of my illnesses finally behind me I’m really free to decide what I want to do with my time for once, and I just don’t want to go the little baby route again.  Is that awful?

Jessica has dropped the bomb on us that she and Landon are getting married in December.  I think I mentioned this once before maybe…  The kicker is she’s getting married on the 18th…the day after Laura’s birthday.  The day BEFORE Jess graduates from college.  One week before Christmas.  Then she tells me they’ll be getting married at her father’s parents house since his folks have such a hard time getting around.  Ick.  ANNNDDDD  then she and Landon will be leaving for MINNESOTA for the holidays!!!!

I think she’s trying to kill me.  Funny, I always thought La would be the one to off me, didn’t you?

Love and Blessings!



1. Donene - Friday September 11, 2009

Glad she is doing so well. Roll with the punches, hon. Have a good weekend, D

2. Rob - Friday September 11, 2009

Hurray for Laura! I think you\’ve raised enough children where you can say you\’re ready to stop without feeling awful at all.That sounds like a full December – I guess you can take a pass on making your own fudge this year if you want. With all the spring flowers coming up it\’s hard for me to think xmas, but we saw them getting the decorations ready in the mall wednesday night.

3. Jacque - Wednesday September 16, 2009

Wow!Glad to hear Laura\’s better. I know it sounds weird but I wouldn\’t want to be tied down on a regular basis either. I love having my grancdchildren come, though.Sounds like Carole planning her wedding for November in California.Maybe Jessica and Landon will check out the Mall of America. Downtown Rice Park in St.Paul is very beautiful during the holidays and is right by several theatres. Downtown Minneapolis is amazing, too, all decorated in lights!Hugs

4. Randa Roo - Sunday September 20, 2009

I\’m so glad to hear La\’s okay! I almost didn\’t want to click away from your main page because I love that song! I have the song August\’s Rhapsody and I love it! I hope you and your family are still doing good, I hope you\’re still doing your blog walks! Walk by mine! Love and hugs!Randa and Oscar

5. Randa Roo - Tuesday September 22, 2009

Had to comment again, I commented back to you on my blog, I\’M SOOO HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU! You have no idea, I thought I lost you and I\’m glad even for just one comment from you, you make my day! You don\’t know how much it means to me to have someone like you in my world. My little man is wonderful, and ALWAYS naked, I don\’t know what we\’re going to do in winter, he might freeze his gibblets off! He\’s too smart for his own good. I hope that you are doing good still. I will continue to check up on you here!Love and hugs again!Randa and Oscar

6. Rose - Friday October 2, 2009

I\’m so glad you dropped me a note; I\’ve been checking back here, but hadn\’t seen any new posts; must\’ve had the link cached or something. Anyway …Glad La\’s surgery went smoothly and that she\’s doing so well! Sweet Laura, your little alien. Freedom – this is your time. Really really really glad you\’re feeling much better! One friend of mine has started exploring her own hometown in her free time, seeing parks and places she\’s only passed before. Get out there, Lynn, and do things that interest you and engage your strong mind and beautiful heart. Do something new or different each day. Blossom, baby! Nice timing on Jessica\’s part, huh? LOL! This, too, shall pass. Just move forward, one step at a time. I\’m with Rob; skip the fudge-making this year and anything else that might add to the already-full December you have. Much love, dear Sister by the Stream!

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