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Hello, My Name is Lynn, and I…. Thursday August 27, 2009

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am going to try like the dickens to start posting here regularly again.  No, really….don’t walk away shaking your head in disbelief.  I can do it, I know I can! 

It’s been a whirlwind of confusion and activity ’round here, big surprise, no?   All the kids started school on the fifth of August:  Katie and Emily are Juniors now (EEKKK!!  All I hear from them is "One more year and we’re off to college, Mom!"), Libby has started eighth grade, and Laura has embarked upon her kindergarten adventures.  I can’t believe she’s taking it so well.

Of course, La being La, she’s missed almost as much school as she’s attended due to her ear infections AGAIN.   THREE separate incidents since school started.  She’s got her second ENT appointment on the first of Sept, and I am really hoping he’s just going to decide to tube her.  I know she’ll go through hell dealing with the placement, but 8 ear infections or more a year?  Every year?!  This is just ridiculous!

I’ve started babysitting the eight week old daughter of Laura’s teacher from HeadStart last year.  Little Serenity is a doll, but naming kids things like that always seem to backfire.  This child is anything but Serene.  Or that could be the influence of Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother never letting the kid’s head touch a blanket or surface.  I’m trying to get her on a schedule now, but had forgotten that special hell of "letting them cry it out".  Ugh.

Okay, baby crying and almost time for Laura’s last check-up before she goes back to school for the first time this week.  Poor baby(s).

Love and Blessings!