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And I’m back again Monday July 13, 2009

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Lordy be, what a month!  And it’s not even half-over yet, huh?
I just got out of the hospital (yet again) a few days ago, but BOY do I feel better!  Better than in the past year, actually.  All it took was two pints of blood, 3 days on fluids and getting off all the meds I’ve been on for the past 3 years. 
Apparently, there’s something going on with my colon, the large one, that they’re going to pinpoint soon, thank goodness.  I’m ready to be and stay all better physically after all the drama all this time.  They’ve even found a medication I can take for my migraines that actually STOPS the headache within an hour.  Holy moly, but I’ve hit the jackpot at last.
Annie’s doing great, watching over the only pup we kept like a good, overly-attentive mom.  The brat king pup is finally figuring out where to go do his business.  That stress was nice to shed.
I’m working on the mental/emotional disaster that has been my life for the past year with my parents.  It’s amazing how much things change when you can look at the situation and laugh, isn’t it?  I had a couple conversations with my father that had me laughing in relief…he’s so damn sick.  Once I figured that out and stopped looking at it personally, it took so much off me.  Emmy’s healing, and that is what matters most to me.  My mother?  Lost cause.  I’ve accepted that at last, I think.  It takes a great deal to get over the hurt of her rejection of my girls…but once I realized THAT what was driving me hardest and hurting the deepest, it was so much easier to figure out how to heal from it.  I guess I feel sorry for her.  What does she have?  A sick husband who wants to see his daughter’s breasts so much he’s now asking for a drive-by flash ("Who can it hurt, Lynn?)  The situation is so ludicrous I have to laugh.
Turning everything over to a higher power and just letting it all go has helped tremendously.  I have to thank ‘Rett for that, for leading me in the right direction, for offering all his help and resources.  I took your advice, ‘Rett, and it did me wonders.  Thank you so much for caring and helping me.
We even made it to the lake once so far this summer!  Woo Hoo, considering the kind of shape I’ve been in.  The big girls are off on a mini-vacation being spoiled by some relatives, La and I have planned a "Monday Fun-Day", and even Mike isn’t so horribly insufferable now that I’m feeling physically up to par.  Now just to figure out what to do about THAT relationship long-term.
I love you people.  "Ever’ damn one of ya’" as someone I know likes to say. 
Back soon.  Blessings!