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I am back, really. Friday May 22, 2009

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No, I am not really here to blog though.  Too loopy from the migraine meds to even try that.  I’m hauling myself off to bed in a minute.  But I didn’t want to go another day without saying HI!!!!!!   Love you!   It’s just been a wacky week….got a gnarly, nasty cold.  And lots of migraines. 

So, I’m headed for bed and all that good stuff.   Miss you.


Finally got my music list right Tuesday May 12, 2009

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Yeah, it was just that friggin easy. 
Okay, maybe not that simple.  I had to get my books I needed and then read them.  And then there was the whole ‘baby madness ‘ thing goin’ on I had to rid myself of.  Did that now that our Lab Annie is all full of puppies and ready to drop in a week or so.  I’ll have plenty of ‘babies’ to take care of then, won’t I?

So, yeah. I’m back.  Fer sure this time.  It just feels right.  Like I’m ready.  I’ve exorcised most of the demons that’ve kept me away, and the rest I suppose anyone who has hung around to see if I’ll ever come out of my coma will just have to deal with them with me. 

But I’ve got my music list straight.  I can do anything with the right music playing in the background, ya’ know?  If I can just keep the dang kids from touching the "Shuffle OFF" clicker!  NO SHUFFLE!  That’ll throw me into a tailspin it’d take weeks to come out of.

Laura is graduating from Head Start this weekend.  I imagine I’ll be crying like a….well, like a mommy who has a kid graduating from her first school thingy. 

Emmy is failing Algebra I.  It’s a toss-up whether she’ll actually flunk it outright or qualify for summer school and be able to pull it up to a D and not have to retake it next year.  Not being one of those mothers, I swear!, her teacher is a big part of the problem.  Two-thirds of this class are failing or pulling D’s.  It’s not a ‘dumb’ class, it’s a teacher who doesn’t know how to present the material.  So….we’ll see.

Katie has three eighth grade boys in love with her.  It’d be funny, if it weren’t so darn weird.  They’re over here all the time.  Just…weird.   And Laura has decided she’s marrying one of them, when she’s 25, of course.

Jess and Landon are still engaged.  She’s working hard to get into grad school, and Landon’s working hard, period.

Becca’s just Becca.  Taking amazing photos, hanging out with us every chance she gets, still seeing Joe off and on.

One of my older girls had a pregnancy scare right around Christmas time.  That’s what threw me into my ‘baby madness’ spin.  After doing the "Oh no, this isn’t the right time….what will you do?!??!" song and dance, I sort of warmed up to the idea of having a baby *that wasn’t mine!* around a lot.   She did the pregnancy test a few days after Christmas, and darned if it wasn’t negative.  Darned if I wasn’t thanking God over and over for her sake, and bummed out for mine.

Can’t ever forget I’m clinically insane.

Then Annie went into heat.   We knew letting her get pregnant in her first heat wasn’t wise, and we tried as best we could to protect her.  But there are like….70 dogs in our neighborhood…and they were all over our yard night and day.  I think my left leg almost got pregnant once….I did have an open sore.   (Sorry I couldn’t resist.)
We’re taking bets it’s the Boxer down the street.  He was VERY persistent and VERY Alpha.  At first the idea made us all sick….pop-eyed puppies.  Then we looked up on the ‘net, and ‘Boxerdors’ are very cute.  The look a lot like Lab’s but they’re short haired!  Hallelujah!

So we get to tell Annie her pup’s won’t be ugly now, and we’ll have a better chance of giving them away.  Maybe the Sire’s owners will even want a couple.  I hope so. 

Anyway, that’s it for now, I’ve got to get ready for another Dr’s visit.  I’ve got to talk him into letting me try a new migraine med…or rather, have him talk my insurance into paying for it.  Wish me luck.  Love you all.  Talk to you soon!!